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Updated In April, 2018 - Horse betting in America is a huge industry and like other gambling related industries it started operating on the Internet around 20 years ago. Online horse betting sites stand separately from other USA online gaming sites in 2014. Internet horse betting for real money does not suffer from an undetermined legal status. Online horse betting is legal, has always been legal and will likely always be legal for Americans. U.S. citizens have a wide range of options when it comes to where to place their horse racing wagers. There are basically two types of horse betting site open to USA citizens in 2014.

Before I get into that I want to clear up what a site that offers horse race betting is called. Many people call them sportsbooks, which basically accept wagers on both sports and horse races. Others may call them bookies and bookmakers, which are the same thing as a sports book. Still others call them racebooks or horse betting sites. It really doesn't matter what you call them. The first type of horse betting site is one that is based in the USA. These racebooks do have some advantages over the other type but the vast majority of Americans do not place their horse racing wagers there.

Most Americans choose the other type, which are offshore based horse betting sites and sportsbooks. Why would an American willingly choose to place bets at an Internet sportsbook or racebook based in another country (i.e. Canada or Antiqua)? It is because offshore racebooks like and are simply much, much better than their USA based cousins. They enjoy better bonuses, better promotions, more free horse bets, more betting options, superior betting platforms, faster payouts, better odds and more gambling options.

A US based horse betting site offers horse betting and only horse betting. The top offshore sportsbooks for horse bettors also offer casino gambling, online poker, sports betting, skill games and more. There are many more benefits at these betting sites so 90% or more of Americans choose them instead of the homegrown race books.

real money Online sportsbooks for U.S. citizens in 2014

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horse betting rebates at USA racebooks is currently offering daily, weekly and monthly horse betting rebates at the top horse betting sites for U.S. citizens in 2014. Our racebook rebates range in value from 5% to 8%. Horse race wagering rebates are not based on your losses, like casino rebates are typically based, but on your overall wagers. This means that winning horse racing bettors receive the same rebate percentage as losing horse bettors. Let's say that you average $100 in trifecta wagers at BetOnline per day. Each month, regardless of if your wagers won or lost, you will receive a total of $210 in real money rebates. Our highest race book rebate for horse racing is at Carbon Sports, which is 8%. Not all horse track bets are equal when it comes to calculating rebates though. Exotic wagers tend to count at 100% while straight wagers, like Win/Place/Show, tend to count at a lower rate (i.e.50%). You can technically receive a rebate each week for hundreds of dollars off of a single $50 deposit because after a few wagers you can easily find yourself back at $50 and you will have place a couple hundred dollars in wagers.

free horse bets in 2014

usa sportsbook betting onlineHorse Betting Professor has setup some special risk free horse bets for those who use our links to visit the top USA sportsbooks for horse betting in 2014. These free horse bets work like this. You can place a free $25 horse racing bet and if your bet is a loser, the racebook will refund you the $25. If your bet is a winner you will just receive the winnings. Horse betting handicappers tend t use these free bets in one of two ways. The first is placing a straight bet on a favored horse. If the favorite in a race has 2/1 odds and you place a successful $25 wager, you will get a return of $75. It is an easy way to increase your bankroll with as little risk as possible. The two top favorites in a horse race tend to win around 70% of the time. Some people thing that the wager mentioned above would result in a $50 payout but this is because they do not completely understand how horse betting odds work. You get the money indicated by the horse's odds and you also get your bet back. Here are some examples of horse betting odds and payouts:

If you bet $10 to win on the following horses the payouts would be:

- 3/5 = $16

- 1/1 = $20

- 5/1 = $60

- 50/1 = $510

The other horse betting strategy used for free bet promotions is to bet on a middling or longshot horse. You can use the $25 to place a single wager on a 10/1 horse for a $275 payout or a 99/1 horse for a $1,262.50 payout. If your bet loses you get your money back so why not go for the gold? Other people use their free horse bet cash to place exotic wagers like exactas and trifectas. If you hit one of these, even when betting on the favorites, you will parlay your free $25 into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Be sure to use our links to visit the USA friendly sportsbooks, racebooks and horse betting sites listed above and read the Terms & Conditions for the free horse wager before you decide which type of horse bet you want to make for free.

USA Horse Betting Sites

The leading online horse betting sites, race books and sportsbooks with horse track wagering for Americans are Bovada, BetOnline, CarbonSports and SportsBetting. Use the banners below to claim free horse racing bets, sportsbook bonuses and horse betting rebates. You can get up to an 8% rebate on every dollar you bet on horses at these Internet horse racebooks, all of which are sportsbooks that accept U.S.A. citizens and offer casino gambling in 2014.

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